Muswellbrook Chronicle
Big donors to the voice referendum 'yes' and 'no' campaigns have been revealed in electoral commission data showing the tens of millions spent wooing votes.
Tess Ikonomou
Biggest donors revealed, but much remains hidden in 'dark money'.
Justine Landis-Hanley
The vote counts have been completed and the 46 members of South Australia's Indigenous community have been elected to the parliamentary advisory body.
Savannah Meacham
South Australian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Kyam Maher has celebrated the election. (Michael Errey/AAP PHOTOS)
Seven members of Indigenous communities in South Australia's far north have been elected to represent their region in the state's inaugural First Nations Voice.
Jacob Shteyman
South Australia became the first state to legislate for an Indigenous voice to parliament a year ago (Matt Turner/AAP PHOTOS)