Seven candidates target Hunter seat

THE federal seat of Hunter will be a seven-candidate race next month.

As residents prepare to head to the polling booths on September 7, Labor, The Nationals, The Greens, One Nation, Palmer United Australia, Christian Democratic Party and the Citizens Electoral Council have all named representatives.

The candidates (in ballot paper order) are: 1 – David Atwell (The Greens), 2 – Michael Johnsen (The Nationals), 3 – Ann Lawler (Citizens Electoral Council), 4 – Bill Fox (One Nation), 5 – Jennifer Stefanac (Palmer United Australia), 6 – Joel Fitzgibbon (Labor) and 7 – Richard Stretton (Christian Democratic Party).

For two of the main players, Mr Fitzgibbon and Mr Johnsen, it was a mixed result.

“You always like to be at the top or bottom of the ballot, but it is what it is,” the sitting Labor member said.

“People will vote the way they want, regardless of where you are placed on a piece of paper.

“Strong policies and looking after the electorate’s best interests are the priorities at the end of the day.

“I think my record speaks for itself.”

Mr Johnsen was thrilled with his position, number two.

“Even though it’s only a ballot draw, I’m delighted with how it went,” he said.

“Hopefully, a high placing reflects the way it might go in September.”