The Newcastle Herald shows how a global women's health catastrophe started in Australia

Since 2014 the Newcastle Herald’s Joanne McCarthy has reported on how transvaginal mesh devices to treat women’s incontinence were developed in Australia and Sweden; how an Australian-invented incontinence device was cleared for use in America to treat prolapse; how device manufacturers developed more transvaginal prolapse devices, and how tens of thousands of women around the world suffered serious to catastrophic injuries until regulators belatedly acted.

Women are finally being heard. The question is why it took so long.

If you are suffering from pelvic mesh surgery and want to speak to someone, visit the Australian Pelvic Mesh Support Group on Facebook.

Senator Derryn Hinch’s office is creating a list of Australians who have been impacted by this pelvic mesh devices and need additional information from those who have affected. 

If you would like to be part of the process, please email

Derryn Hinch on mesh
This story Pelvic mesh: Suffer in silence first appeared on Newcastle Herald.