Muswellbrook, Denman and Merriwa swimmers rise to the occasion at New England and North West Championships

IN FORM: Muswellbrook duo Zahli Woolnough and Joel Hartin.
IN FORM: Muswellbrook duo Zahli Woolnough and Joel Hartin.

LOCAL participants rose to the occasion at the New England and North West Swimming Championships at Tamworth at the weekend.

The event is regarded as the final chance for swimmers to qualify for the Country Titles later this month.

And, representatives from Muswellbrook Amateur RSL Youth, Denman and Merriwa competed against youngsters from rival clubs such as Moree, Inverell, Glen Innes, Tamworth, Narrabri, Scone, Werris Creek, Gunnedah, Bingara, Armidale and Wee Waa over two days.

Talented duo Zahli Woolnough and Joel Hartin led the way for Muswellbrook, while Denman’s Larnie Chapman impressed in her respective disciplines.

Woolnough, 11, took out the girls’ 11 years’ 100m breaststroke in a time of 1:34.28, the 50m freestyle (32.61) and the 50m breaststroke (41.27).

She also finished runner-up in the 100m backstroke and third in the 50m backstroke.

Hartin, 16, secured five second places – in the 100m breaststroke, 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 50m breaststroke and 100m backstroke – as well as third in the 100m freestyle.

Fifteen-year-old Chapman contested the girls’ open section, securing second in the 200m backstroke and third in the 200m freestyle.

In the 15 years’ age group, she won the 50m freestyle, registering 31.40, and was runner-up in the 200m individual medley (IM), 100m freestyle and 100m backstroke.

Meanwhile, the Intertown Carnival set down for Saturday, February 11, at the Singleton Gym and Swim has been cancelled as a safety issue due to the extreme temperatures in the region.

New England and North West Swimming Championships results

Muswellbrook Amateur RSL Youth Club –

Fletcher Dial (boys 8 years and under): 9th 50m freestyle, 49.29; 16th 100m freestyle, 1:45.41; 3rd 50m backstroke, 51.69; 8th 50m breaststroke, 1:16.39; 5th 100m backstroke, 2:04.59

Zac Woolnough (boys 9 years and under): 4th 100m breaststroke, 1:59.53; 15th 50m freestyle, 1:00.79; 11th 50m backstroke, 1:00.60; 2nd 50m breaststroke, 50.87

Mia Dial (girls 10 years): 11th 50m butterfly, 53.62; 4th 50m freestyle, 37.67; 2nd 100m freestyle, 1:22.93; 10th 50m backstroke, 52.54; 13th 50m breaststroke, 59.42

Zahli Woolnough (girls 11 years): 6th 50m butterfly, 43.21; 1st 100m breaststroke, 1:34.28; 1st 50m freestyle, 32.61; 5th 200m IM, 3:12.34; 4th 100m freestyle, 1:15.96; 5th 200m breaststroke, 3:23.57; 3rd 50m backstroke, 39.90; 1st 50m breaststroke, 41.27; 2nd 100m backstroke, 1:27.56

Levi Hartin (boys 12 years): 3rd 100m breaststroke, 1:36.90; 5th 50m freestyle, 35.03; 11th (boys open) 200m breaststroke, 3:36.39; 2nd 50m breaststroke, 42.88

Zane Hartin (boys 13 years): 3rd 50m freestyle, 32.39; 4th 100m freestyle, 1:15.32; 3rd 50m backstroke, 40.36

Joel Hartin (boys 16 years and over): 2nd 100m breaststroke, 1:24.14; 2nd 50m freestyle, 27.22; 3rd 100m freestyle, 1:01.98; 2nd 50m backstroke, 31.99; 2nd 50m breaststroke, 37.22; 2nd 100m backstroke, 1:13.58

Fiona Hartin (girls 16 years and over): 4th 50m freestyle, 32.82; 4th 100m freestyle, 1:15.85; 4th 50m backstroke, 39.22; 4th 100m backstroke, 1:33.46

Denman Swimming Club –

Larnie Chapman (girls open): 5th 400m freestyle, 5:34.48; 2nd 200m backstroke, 2:52.29; 1st 50m freestyle, 31.40; 2nd 200m IM, 2:52.31; 2nd 100m freestyle, 1:07.59; 5th 50m backstroke, 37.96; 3rd 200m freestyle, 2:33.46; 2nd 100m backstroke, 1:21.12

Louis Bottomley (boys 10 years): 5th 100m breaststroke, 1:57.59; 9th 50m freestyle, 38.84; 9th 100m freestyle, 1:27.09; 15th 50m backstroke, 53.00

Millie Chapman (girls 10 years): =17th 50m freestyle, 45.11; 13th 100m freestyle, 1:44.39; 9th 50m breaststroke, 56.78

Isla Bottomley (girls 12 years): 10th 50m butterfly, 43.50; 14th 50m freestyle, 38.16; 11th 100m freestyle, 1:23.91; 10th 50m backstroke, 47.39; 9th 50m breaststroke, 51.98

Imogen Owen (girls 12 years): 13th 50m butterfly, 44.83; 12th 100m breaststroke, 1:56.20; 16th 50m freestyle, 39.36; 10th 200m IM, 3:40.35; 13th 100m freestyle, 1:29.55; 11th 50m backstroke, 47.57; 7th 50m breaststroke, 50.51; 7th 100m backstroke, 1:46.53

Otis Bottomley (boys 13 years): 3rd 50m butterfly, 37.62; 7th 50m freestyle, 37.24; 4th 50m backstroke, 40.46; 3rd 100m backstroke, 1;26.74

Tallulah Main (girls 13 years): 8th 50m butterfly, 39.09; 8th 50m freestyle, 35.19; 6th 200m IM, 3:30.15; 10th 100m freestyle, 1:18.74; 6th 50m backstroke, 42.30 

Nadia Owen (girls 14 years): 5th 50m butterfly, 37.76; 2nd 100m breaststroke, 1:43.21; 8th 50m freestyle, 35.43; 6th 200m IM, 3;18.33; 6th 100m freestyle, 1:16.93; 6th 50m backstroke, 43.53; 3rd 100m butterfly, 1:32.07; 17th 200m freestyle, 2:58.95; 3rd 50m breaststroke, 47.20

Merriwa Swimming Club –

Tia Magner (girls 12 years): 18th 50m butterfly, 55.10; 12th 200m IM, 4:06.73 

Patrick Magner (boys 12 years): 8th 100m breaststroke, 2:16.41; 8th 50m freestyle, 39.35  

John Magner (boys 13 years): 4th 100m breaststroke, 1:50.48; 4th 200m IM, 3:28.69