Muswellbrook McDonald's to receive upgrade over four weeks

THE Golden Arches are set for an upgrade in Muswellbrook.

McDonald’s Muswellbrook’s owners are looking forward to presenting a fresher and more efficient store to travelers and regular customers alike.

To bring the new design to completion, the business’ dining room will be closed for four weeks, from Tuesday.

But, those with Big Mac cravings during that time need not despair.

Drive-thru will remain open during regular trading hours.

“We’re going to be putting on extra staff in drive-thru,” owner Phil Wilson said.

“The kitchen will remain the same, so functionality will remain the same.

“But we’ll put more people in drive-thru to try to make sure the speed is going through still.

“Nothing really changes except they won’t be able to come in.”

The Muswellbrook decor will receive the current McDonald’s concept update, too.

“Basically it will modernise the whole thing with all new furniture, new floor tiles, new ceiling and lights, McCafe display cabinets – everything,” Mr Wilson said.

“It’s a big upgrade for the community.”

While the inside restaurant is receiving a makeover, the outside Playland will also be included in the new scheme.

The current equipment will be removed to make way for a different structure, which will stand at around 8.5 metres tall, with the latest fencing and softfall.

Those who like their takeaway coffee will be pleased to know the store will install a third machine in its McCafe.

“McCafe will become more functional,” Mr Wilson said.

“That should please a few people because sometimes on the weekend we’ll have 15-to-20 people waiting for coffees.

“We get a lot of locals in here and a lot of regulars coming in every day.

“I think they’ll just appreciate the fact that it’s fresher and newer.”

Mr Wilson said the ultimate goal was to make the store more appealing, increase capacity and improve service delivery for the customer.

It is anticipated the upgrade, which has been in planning for about 12 months, will be completed the week of August 21.