Muswellbrook & District Workers Club retires the last of its bank debt

THE Muswellbrook & District Workers Club Ltd will reach a significant milestone this week when it retires the last of its bank debt.

General manager Scott Bailey admitted it was “quite the turnaround from the dark days of 2014”. 

“From where we were, the club’s changing fortune is nothing short of extraordinary,” he said.

“We’ve been self-improving as it [the club] brought itself back to a healthy trading position.

“The car park has been resurfaced, the beer lines replaced, a new cash register system was installed, 50-plus poker machines were renewed, 399 solar panels have been added to the roof, the vintage air-conditioning was replaced, its member loyalty system has been significantly improved and, along with Muswellbrook Shire Council and Micheal Rinkin, a twin cinema was built.”

Muswellbrook Shire mayor Martin Rush offered his heartfelt congratulations to all concerned.

“The Workers Club has been an integral part of the town’s fabric since 1952,” he said.

“To see the radical improvement over the past three years, into what is now a thriving social hub, is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the club’s board.”

Early in 2018, the club will embark on its most ambitious program yet, with an extension above the car park on the north side of the building adding 50 seats to the dining room, along with a small meeting room and a dedicated children’s play space.

New bathrooms will be installed and the existing bathrooms completely renovated, along with a full refurbishment of the foyer and restaurant space. 

“Scott [Bailey] has done a tremendous job over the past couple of years and must be congratulated for his hard work in guiding the club back to such a healthy position,” newly-elected club president Tim Pike said.

“The directors also need to be acknowledged.

“They’ve worked hard and put in a tremendous number of hours in turning the fortunes of the club around.

“The members should take a pat on the back as they have supported the club through thick and thin, too.

“We know they have shared the bad times and now it’s time for them to share the good. 

“Being debt free is an enviable position for any business and we look forward to taking the club to new heights as the improvements roll out.

“We encourage all our members, both old and new, to join us on this journey.”