Aberdeen Senior and Little Athletics Centre hosts annual Gala Day

MORE than 100 participants recently contested the Aberdeen Senior and Little Athletics Centre Inc’s annual Gala Day.

Clubs ventured to the Upper Hunter town from Gunnedah, Merriwa, Denman, Muswellbrook, Singleton, East Maitland, Edgeworth and Scone.

Of these, 23 were in the Tiny Tots division (athletes three and four years of age).

These youngsters had a day of play training activities including obstacle course, leap frog, sack race, egg and spoon race, baton relay, tug-o-war and a fun run, under the guidance of Brogan Dunn and Kristy Cunneen.

At the end of the final session, they were presented with a medallion in recognition of their achievements.

Those in the Tiny Tots division were: Mackenzie Birch (Aberdeen), Liberty Birch (Aberdeen), Braygen Hann (Muswellbrook), Isaac Johnston (Merriwa), Morgan Bates (Merriwa), Wren Osborne (Merriwa), Jack Purcell (Merriwa), Thomas Luke (Merriwa), Katie Williams (Merriwa), Charlie Barry (Merriwa), Eleanor Curteis (Merriwa), Ashleigh Keane (Merriwa), Tommy Booth (Merriwa), Benji Maslen (Denman), Eddie Deakin (Muswellbrook), Callie King (Aberdeen), Jaden Chandler (Aberdeen), Wylie O’Loughlin (Aberdeen), Dean O’Loughlin (Aberdeen), Coby Robinson (Aberdeen), Nate Hall (Aberdeen), Jayden Morley (Muswellbrook) and Alexandra Sawyer (Gunnedah).

“The athletes in the older age groups took part in five events over the day – three running and two field,” Aberdeen Senior and Little Athletics Centre Inc secretary Denise Bell said.

“Prior to the start, a dice was rolled to determine the feature event for each age group with first, second and third being awarded a medallion.

“In all other events, certificates were awarded and these recorded the athlete’s results. 

“Many thanks to Sally Hagley, from Merriwa, who offered to write the athlete’s results on these certificates.

“Our gratitude also to all parents who helped out as group leaders, officials, time keepers, starter, announcing, recording and to all canteen and barbeque helpers. 

“Your help throughout the day made it a great success for both the athletes and, financially, for the Aberdeen club.”

Results from the Gala Day are as follows:

Under 6 – The 50m sprint was the Feature Event. 

(Girls) Grace Partridge (Abd) 70m 5th 19.6, 50m 5th 13.93, 200m 5th 1-08.67, discus 3rd 3.51m, long jump 1st 1.34m; Eden Barry (Mwa) 70m 1st 16.34, 50m 1st 10.94, 200m, 1st 50.31, discus 1st 4.63m, long jump 5th 1.08m; Olivia Curteis (Mwa) 70m 4th 18.92, 50m 3rd 12.89, 200m 3rd 1-03.07, discus 2nd 4.02m, long jump 4th 1.14m; Isabel Williams (Mwa) 70m 2nd 17.44, 50m 4th 13.56, 200m 4th 1-03.75, discus 4th 3.06m, long jump 2nd 1.21m; Holly Taylor (Abd) 70m 3rd 18.63, 50m 2nd 12.71, 200m 2nd 1-01.72, discus 5th 2.89m, long jump 3rd 1.15m. 

(Boys) Xavier Hicks (Singleton) 70m 1st 13.13, 50m 1st 9.97, 200m 1st 43.35, discus 3rd 7.17m, long jump 1st 2.50m; Tanner Hann (Mbk) 70m 3rd 15.1, 50m 2nd 10.66, 200m 3rd 52.65, discus 1st 9.62m, long jump 2nd 1.72m; Quill Osborne (Mwa) 70m 4th 20.51, 50m 4th 13.87, 200m, 4th 1-09.58, discus 2nd 7.81m, long jump 3rd 1.40m; Elliot stafa (Abd) 70m 5th 22.5, 50m 5th 15.34, 200m 5th 1-11.77, discus 5th 2.63m, long jump 4th 0.98m; Oliver Duggan (Abd) 70m 2nd 14.97, 50m 3rd 11.39, 200m 2nd 49.0, discus 4th 5.91m, long jump.

Under 7 – The long jump was the feature Event.

(Girls) Jenice Hicks (Edgeworth) 70m 1st 12.78, 100m 1st 18.81, 200m 2nd 45.52, discus 4th 5.90m, long jump 3rd 2.18m; Olivia Purcell (Mwa) 70m 7th 15.68, 100m 7th 26.32, 200m 7th 1-05.0, discus 5th 5.53m, long jump 7th 1.56m; Annika Stafa (Abd) 70m 9th 20.31, 100m 9th 28.81, 200m 9th 1-11.84, discus 8th 3.29m, long jump 8th 1.37m; Isabella Oatley (Mbk) 70m 2nd 13.32, 100m 2nd 19.59, 200m 1st 43.43, discus 3rd 6.18m, long jump 1st 2.59m; Kayla Constable (Mbk) 70m 5th 15.0, 100m 6th 23.69, 200m 5th 52.09, discus 1st 9.16m, long jump 2nd 2.26m; Lexi Byron (Mbk) 70m 8th 17.72, 100m 8th 26.88, 200m 8th 1-10.91, discus 9th 3.03m. long jump; Koby King (Abd) 70m 6th 15.47, 100m 5th 23.28, 200m 6th 59.83, discus 7th 4.58m, long jump 6th 1.84m; Eliza Smallmon (Abd) 70m 4th 14.8, 100m 3rd 21.42, 200m 3rd 49.07, discus 6th 4.79m, long jump 4th 2.15; Lacie-May Hall (Abd) 70m 3rd 14.65, 100m 4th 21.66, discus 2nd 6.25m, long jump 5th 1.85m.

(Boys) Jackson Birch (Abd) 70m 7th 16.0, 100m 4th 25.06, 200m 4th 52.49, discus 5th 8.29m, long jump 5th 2.27m; Kye Thorley (Singleton) 70m 1st 13.06, 100m =1st 19.17, 200m 1st 45.24, discus 1st 13.53m, long jump 1st 2.69m; Samuel Williams (Mwa) 70m 5th 15.11, 100m 5th 26.22, 200m 5th 53.09, discus 2nd 11.34m, long jump 4th 2.31m; Chad Booth (Mwa) 70m 4th 14.75, 100m 3rd 23.12, 200m 3rd 50.08, discus 7.16m, long jump =6th 2.26m; Matthew Daniels (Scone) 70m 3rd 13.47, 100m 2nd 19.99, 200m 2nd 48.32, discus 6th 7.36m, long jump 2nd 2.56m; Samuel O’Loughlin (Abd) 70m 6th 15.46, 100m 6th 26.35, 200m 6th 51.8, discus 3rd 10.73m, long jump =6th 2.26m; Conan Waugh (Abd) 2nd 13.2, 100m =1st 19.17, 200m 1st 41.19, discus 4th 8.54m, long jump 3rd 2.46m.

Under 8 – 70m sprint was the Feature Event.

(Girls) Jemma Paull (Denman) 70m 5th 14.0, 100m 5th 21.19, 200m 4th 46.71, discus 2nd 5.43m, long jump 5th 1.76m; Annabelle Hunt (Mwa) 70m 3rd 13.69, 100m 3rd 19.49, 200m 5th 48.06, discus 3rd 5.30m, long jump 2nd 2.37m; Sophia Morley (Mbk) 70m 2nd 12.97, 100m 2nd 18.44, 200m 2nd 41.69, discus 4th 3.77m, long jump 1st 2.83; Sophia Taylor (Abd) 70 4th 13.79, 100m 4th 20.12, 200m 3rd 45.80, discus, long jump 3rd 2.29m; Charlotte Nixon (Mbk) 70m 1st 12.56, 100m 1st 18.38, 200m 1st 40.71, discus 1st 10.70m, long jump 4th 2.24m.

(Boys) Thomas Roughan (Abd) 70m 2nd 12.38, 100m 2nd 17.90, 200m 2nd 38.48, discus 2nd 11.35m, long jump 1st 3.03m; Riley Jeans (Mbk) 70m 4th 14.11, 100m 4th 22.16, 200m 4th 51.29, discus 3rd 8.95m, long jump 4th 2.38m; Jye Bates (Mwa) 70m 5th 15.56, 100m 5th 22.53, 200m 5th 52.03, discus 5th 7.99m, long jump 5th 2.11m; Caiden Waugh (Abd) 70m 1st 12.03, 100m 1st 17.87, 200m 1st 38.08, discus 1st 11.62m, long jump 2nd 2.99m; Sebastian Morrison (Abd) 70m 3rd 14.0, 100m 3rd 20.81, 200m 3rd 49.9, discus 4th 8.83m, long jump 3rd 2.70m.

Under 9 – Discus was the feature Event.

(Girls) Sophie Paull (Den) 70m 1st 12.0, 100m 1st 17.5, 400m 1st 1-30.40, discus 1st 12.20m, high jump =1st 0.95m; Ava Roughan (Abd) 70m 4th 13.75, 100m 3rd 20.41, 400m 5th 1-57.57, discus 2nd 9.43, high jump 3rd 0.75m; Chelsea Oatley (Mbk) 70m 6th 15.22, 100m 5th 22.65, 400m 3rd 1-52.95, discus 5th 5.43, high jump 4th 0.60m; Alexis Duggan (Abd) 70m 2nd 12.5, 100m 2nd 19.04, 400m 2nd 1-37.06, discus 3rd 9.32m, high jump =1st 0.95m; Kelsea Robinson (Abd) 70m 3rd 13.56, 100m 4th 20.60, 400m 4th 1-55.65, discus 4th 9.26m, high jump 2nd 0.85m.

(Boys) Riley Thorley (Sing) 70m 2nd 12.13, 100m 2nd 17.13, 400m 4th 1-36.86, discus 6th 6.24m, high jump =3rd 0.90m; Paxton Hann (Mbk) 70m 5th 13.75, 100m 5th 19.66, 400m 7th 1-57.90, discus 5th 9.60m, high jump =3rd 0.90m; Ben Patterson (Mwa) 70m 4th 12,44, 100m 4th 17.70, 400m 2nd 1-31.51, discus 2nd 12.65m, high jump 2nd 0.95m, William Luke (Mwa) 70m 7th 13.94, 100m 7th 21.40, 400m 6th 1-55.90, discus 4th 9.88m, high jump =3rd 0.90m; Flynn Snewin (Mbk) 70m 3rd 12.41, 100m 3rd 17.54, 400m 3rd 1-36.57, discus 3rd 10.53m, high jump =3rd 0.90; Brodie Schmarr (Mbk) 70m 6th 13.85, 100m 6th 19.97, 400m 5th 1-37.13, discus 7th 6.18m, high jump; Hayden Sawyer (Gunn) 70m 1st 11.38, 100m 1st 16.72, 400m 1st 1-26.19, discus 1st 17.32m, high jump 1st 1.00m.

Under 10 – Discus was the Feature Event.

(Girls) Grace Booth (Mwa) 5th 14.97, 100m 4th 21.07, 400m 2nd 1-48.74, discus 1st 11.40m, high jump 3rd 0.80m; Dakoda Blewitt (Mbk) 3rd 13.50, 100m 3rd 20.17, 400m 3rd 1-49.66, discus 2nd 9.43m, high jump 1st 0.90m; Lily Townsend (Mbk) 70m 1st 12.03, 100m 1st 17.34, 400m 1st 1-42.78, discus 5th 6.42m, high jump; Emily Smallmon (Abd) 70m 2nd 12.43, 100m 2nd 19.09, 400m 4th 1-56.97, discus 3rd 8.74m, high jump 2nd 0.85m; Jordon Hall (Abd) 70m 4th 13.78, 100m 22.85, 400m 5th 2-15.59, discus 4th 8.57m, high jump 4th 0.70m.


Taylor McLaren (East Maitland) 70m 1st 11.10, 100m 2nd 16.47, 400m 2nd 1-30.59, discus 3rd 14.61m, high jump 1st 1.05m; Aiden Jeans (Mbk) 70m 4th 11.88, 100m 4th 18.37, 400m 3rd 1-33.82, discus 1st 18.52m, high jump 4th 0.95m; Aidan Hunt (Mwa) 70m 5th 12.69, 100m 5th 19.25, 400m 5th 1-37.79, discus 4th 13.33m, high jump; Bailey Wilton (Mbk) 70m 2nd 11.31, 100m 1st 16.06, 400m 1st 1-25.17, discus 2nd 17.77m, high jump 2nd 1.00m; Declan Day (Mbk) 70m 3rd 11.62, 100m 3rd 16.99, 400m 4th 1-36.16, discus 6th 12.90, high jump 3rd 0.95m; Peter Hagley (Mwa) 70m 6th 14.07, 100m 6th 21.50, 400m 6th 2-19.37, discus 5th 13.16m, high jump.

Under 11 – Discus was the feature Event.

(Girls) Darcy Taaffe (Mwa) 100m 2nd 15.25, 200m 2nd 32.38, 400m 1st 1-13.21, discus 3rd 10.76m, triple jump 3rd 7.35m; Mackenzie Day (Mbk) 100m 3rd 16.26, 200m 3rd 34.78, 400m 4th 2-00.21, discus 2nd 11.22m, triple jump 1st 7.57m; Malaki Poa (Abd) 100m 3rd 16.26, 200m 4th 38.93, 400m 3rd 1-38.84, discus 4th 9.53m, triple jump 4th 7.19m; Isabella Sawyer (Gunn) 100m 1st 15.19, 200m 1st 32.02, 400m 2nd 1-19.43, discus 1st 14.36m, triple jump 2nd 7.41m.

(Boys) Cody Bates (Mwa) 2nd 16.65, 200m 2nd 36.30, 400m 2nd 1-30.93, discus 2nd 10.61m, triple jump 2nd 6.93m; Ethan Williams (Singleton) 100m 1st 15.28, 200m 1st 31.61, 400m 1st 1-15.29, discus 1st 13.93m, triple jump 1st 7.76m; Max Morrison (Abd) 100m 3rd 20.88, 200m 3rd 50.62, 400m 3rd 2-33.98, discus 3rd 9.45m, triple jump.

Under 12 – 100m Sprint was the feature Event.

(Boys) Dylan Keane (Mwa) 100m 3rd 16.19, 200m 1st 34.33, 400m 2nd 1-27.87, discus 3rd 12.88m, triple jump 1st 7.17m; Thomas Hunt (Mwa) 100m 2nd 16.00, 200m 3rd 35.33, 400m 3rd 1-30.05, discus 2nd 14.20m, triple jump; Jack Haylen (Mbk) 100m 1st 15.03, 200m 2nd 34.52, 400m 1st 1-22.92, discus 1st 14.88m, triple jump 2nd 6.78m.

Under 13 – Triple Jump was the Feature Event.

(Girls) Jorji Taaffe (Mwa) 200m 1st 32.83, 100m 1st 15.35, 800m 1st 3-16.89, shot put 1st 5.85m, triple jump 1st 8.30m.

(Boys) William Henderson (Mwa) 200m 1st 42.44, 100m 1st 19.57, 800m 1st 3-35.96, shot put 1st 4.07m, triple jump 1st 5.80m.

Under 14 – 100m Sprint was the feature Event.

(Girls) Bella-Rose Partridge (Abd) 200m 3rd 53.36, 100m 3rd 22.91, 800m 2nd 4-57.39, shot put 3rd 4.50m, triple jump 2nd 4.20m; Alexandria Crompton (Mbk) 200m 2nd 52.51, 100m 2nd 22.03, 800m 3rd 5-51.89, shot put 2nd 4.64m, triple jump 3rd 3.80m; Emily Chapman (Mbk) 200m 1st 30.99, 100m 1st 14.85, 800m 1st 3-12.53, shot put 1st 5.66m, triple jump 1st 7.45m.

(Boys) Tyler Powell (Mbk) 200m 1st 28.59, 100m 1st 13.78, 800m 1st 3-07.85, shot put 1st 7.87. triple jump 1st 9.76m.

Under 15 – Shot Put was the Feature Event.

Mallock Morrison (Abd) 100m 1st 16.40, shot put 1st 6.03m.

Under 17 - Triple Jump was the Feature Event.

(Girls) Sharis Hicks (Edgeworth) 100m 1st 15.25, 200m 1st 34.85, 800m 1st 4-23.83, shot put 1st 7.19m, triple jump 1st 8.10m.

(Boys) Jackson Keane (Mwa) 100m 1st 16.43, 200m 1st 38.84, 800m 1st 3-41.71, shot put 1st 7.60m, triple jump 1st 4.25m.

Open Women – 100m Sprint was the feature Event.

Jeannie Seymour (Abd) 100m 1st 17.81, 200m 1st 39.80, 800m 1st 4-07.68, shot put 1st 7.44m, triple jump 1st 6.77m.