Muswellbrook community joins together to Love Where We Live

MUSWELLBROOK Rotary Club members joined with local council and several members of the community to fight graffiti vandalism last month, by removing 365sqm of graffiti from 21 sites across the area. 

The work was part of the state-wide Graffiti Removal Day on Sunday, October 29, which has been described by Muswellbrook Graffiti Removal Day co-ordinator Senior Constable Sheree Gray as a great success. 

“We removed graffiti from the aquatic centre, Early Learning Centre, Girl Guides hall and numerous other sites,” she explained.

“This was a great opportunity for the local community to prove just how much we Love Where We Live. 

“The day would not have been possible without the NSW Government, Cummins Muswellbrook, Dulux, Selleys, Smart Graffiti and I would like to thank them for their support.”

Senior Constable Gray also pointed out Graffiti Removal Day was only part of the solution in the fight against graffiti. 

“While the day was a success in removing graffiti, it is important to remember it is only one day of the year, but the fight against graffiti continues throughout the year,” she said.

“To stop graffiti vandalism we need members of the community to report it as soon as they see it, by calling [Muswellbrook Shire] council.

“This means it can be removed quickly, preventing vandals from getting any kind of exposure.”

People interested in volunteering their time to help remove graffiti on an ongoing basis are encouraged to contact Graffiti Removal Australia on either 1300 665 310 or