St Joseph’s High School Musical a dazzling spectacular

THE cast and crew worked hard in preparation, teachers and parents also put in a huge effort. 

Band practice, set creation and sound checks, set decoration and lighting checks, choreography and make up - all combining under the careful coordination of a dedicated musical production team.

The end product: High School Musical Junior, a phenomenal display of raw talent and excitement – organised, run and featuring the students, staff, parents and friends of St Joseph’s High School Aberdeen.

The idea behind High School Musical Junior was a simple one. 

Young people discovering themselves and others while dealing with peer pressure and nascent love.

The performances by all the cast members were spectacular.

This was easily gauged by the warm audience reception that greeted the players. 

The band was flawless and accentuated the dramatic highs and lows of the musical.

The energetic dancers dazzled and mesmerised an awe-struck crowd.

All the performances were well attended. 

In fact, some audience members returned to again witness this musical extravaganza.

All numbers are approximate, but congratulations must be accorded to the 86 performers, 13 band members, four lighting and sound technicians and 13 supporting crew members for a spellbinding performance.

Congratulations also to the St Joseph’s High School Aberdeen community for proving that rural schools can also have the same opportunities that city schools can take for granted.