Denman Public School students embrace Smart Arts Include You #2 program

DENMAN Public School pupils are currently participating in the Smart Arts Include You #2 program.

Stage three students began the 10-week initiative recently and were engaged in a fantastic meet and greet with Cath, Sam and Ben. 

Cath shared her primary school experiences as a visually-impaired pupil and the challenges she faced during this time. 

Her honest account provided a platform for a broad conversation with the stage three students, who engaged with insightful questions reflecting their curiosity and genuine interest in obstacles faced by community members who are visually-impaired.

Earlier this year, Ability Links Hunter Central Coast invited one school from the Muswellbrook Shire to participate in the Smart Art Includes You #2 program.  

The aim of the initiative is to build capacity, awareness and inclusion in school communities, through student involvement in three workshops and creating artwork based around the theme of inclusion.

Ability Links Hunter Central Coast will run the project in partnership with Octapod and the Community Disability Alliance Hunter (CDAH).

Octapod is an arts organisation servicing the Lower Hunter region’s arts and cultural community to be vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable.

CDAH is a user-led peer support organisation run for and by people with a disability and their family members.