iTravel Muswellbrook hosting Saturday fundraiser for local cowboy Kade Attenborough

THE local community has a great opportunity to help young cowboy Kade Attenborough achieve his dreams overseas.

The Muswellbrook High School Year 8 student recently qualified for the World Youth Bullriding Finals in Texas for the third consecutive time.

And, he’ll fly out for the July 30 to August 4 event at Abilene at the end of the month.

But, on Saturday, iTravel Muswellbrook is hosting a fundraiser between 8am and 2pm to assist the 13-year-old on his travels.

“Residents can come down to our Muswellbrook Fair office, and purchase a sausage sandwich for $2.50, with a can of drink for $1,” owner Vicki Collins said.

“All the money on the day will go directly to Kade. 

“His dedicated family have supported him on his career over the past few years, having to go between Australia and the USA. 

“He is almost at the point of receiving a scholarship in America. 

“Kade’s father, Mat, is a big believer in supporting local, and has supported local by always booking with us, even right from the start when we were Vicki’s Travel.

“He’s had numerous people say to him ‘why don’t you just book online?’ or ‘it’s easy, I always book online’.

“However, Mat has never given in as he knows by booking online you are supporting a travel agency owner somewhere in America, with millions of dollars, putting the money they make from your sale back into America.

“Online bookings also incur extra booking and service fees, so making even more money over the normal commissions from your purchases. 

“At itravel Muswellbrook, we have no booking or service fees, therefore are cheaper than online, have personal face-to-face advice, you can also contact us 24/7 while you are away in case of an emergency.

“We are locally-owned and operated, which means that any profits are spent back into the Muswellbrook community.

“So, Saturday’s sausage sizzle – and fundraiser – is our way of saying thanks to Mat and his family.

“We know every dollar will benefit Kade on his journey.”

The Attenboroughs are also selling stubbie holders with an image of the teenager on them.