Prudence McTaggart officially launches Muswellbrook Shire Local & Family History Society Inc’s latest book Standing the Test of Time

“THERE’S something in it for everyone” is how Prudence McTaggart summed up Standing the Test of Time as she officially launched the Muswellbrook Shire Local & Family History Society Inc’s latest book on Saturday.

The tome, co-written by Lionel Ahearn and Bill Spicer, catalogues some of the oldest established buildings in the region – and discusses how they’ve evolved, with before and after shots.

“I’m honoured to be here [today],” Mrs McTaggart said.

“It’s an amazing publication; and a reflection of our lives in this area.

“When people read it and tell others, I’m sure it will travel far and wide.

“The book is also a wonderful addition to our recorded history.”

Mr Ahearn admitted it was a “great collaboration” with Mr Spicer.

“We worked on it for a while,” he told the crowd at the Muswellbrook Library.

“Almost 100 sites are featured, however they must have been built before World War II – and still standing in town.

“It was quite interesting researching each of them.

“St John’s Church (which is now the Christian school) is the oldest [building] in Muswellbrook as far as we’re aware.

“Although that’s led to some debate, too.

“But, I’m sure there’s plenty more gems out there.

“I must thank everyone for their assistance, especially Bill, Bruce James and Rob Tickle.

“I hope you all enjoy the book, as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

“In fact, the title was one of Bill’s catchy inventions.”

Mr Ahearn told the Chronicle they’d only printed limited copies of Standing the Test of Time, however if people want more they’d be happy to provide them.