Locals flock to Oktoberfest celebrations at Hollydene Estate Wines in record numbers

CHICKEN schnitzels, jugs of beer and dozens of less than impressive German accents dominated proceedings at the Oktoberfest celebrations at the weekend.

Whoever said multiculturalism doesn’t work must not have attended the yearly event at Hollydene Estate Wines who drew a bumper crowd of 105, which is almost double what they’ve had in previous years.

Marketing manager Nicole McGrath said they were thrilled with how the night went and will look to continue it as long as they can.

“It was a really big success,” she explained.

“We’ve done it for the previous three years and this one’s definitely been the best one so far.

“For sure [we’ll be looking to host it again].

“The locals really get into it and it’s a great event to put on for the locals because there’s not a whole lot that goes on up this way so it’s great to provide that.”

They will look to make the event even stronger moving forward and hope people continue to get into the spirit of the festival.