Inaugural Muswellbrook Resurgence cultural program unveiled in town to much acclaim

IF you have any doubt about the artistic talent of the shire’s youngsters, then head to the Muswellbrook Library as soon as possible.

The inaugural Muswellbrook Resurgence cultural program was unveiled in town to much acclaim on Thursday evening – with promises of more to come.

The project, facilitated by Speaking in Colour, brought together traditional Aboriginal weaving with a twist of “Dr Seuss style and colour” to create a series of contemporary woven art forms.  

In the end, 180 kids from Muswellbrook High, Muswellbrook Public, Denman Public and St James’ Primary schools took part in the initiative, along with members of the Upper Hunter Youth Service and Mindaribba Local Aboriginal Land Council.

Muswellbrook High students (from Years 7 to 10) produced three loveable “cockies” – Larry, Lottie and Leon, while Muswellbrook Public pupils (from Year 3 to 5) completed an amazing flying fox.

Denman Public’s Year 4 and 5 children created a pair of king parrots, which was complemented by St James’ Primary’s Mother Maggie and MacKillop.

Cookie the Kookaburra was the Upper Hunter Youth Service’s offering, with the elders, aunties and “sistas” from the Mindaribba Local Aboriginal Lands Council providing one of the exhibit’s standouts, Mindi.

Wanaruah Local Aboriginal Lands Council (WLALC) CEO Noel Downs admitted the project exceeded all expectations.

“This is why the WLALC pushes to bring these things into the community,” he said. 

“Speaking in Colour facilitated this program in other areas to great accolades and success.

“So, we were confident this project would be a great step into cultural renewal here.

“Thank you for delivering such a great program.

“It’s a link to the past and our traditions, but it is relevant and important to the community, too.

“I hope to see more of it.

“I’d also like to express our gratitude to Muswellbrook High, Muswellbrook Public, St James’ Primary, Denman Public and the Upper Hunter Youth Service for their support and allowing us the opportunity to engage with them – and being able to share traditional cultural skills with them.

“A huge thank you goes to the elders who encouraged the program and helped us make it happen.”

The nine sculptures will be on exhibit in the front area of the library until early February.

Muswellbrook Resurgence

Denman Public School

King parrot (pair)

Teachers: Melissa Jones and Mark Morris

Helper: Vicki Butters

Welder: Kyle Mulholland

Weavers –

Year 4: Eden Andrew, Talia Barnes, Rory Blake, Seth Bolton, Diego Borg, Jonathan Chapman, Blaney Higgins,

Jesse Hunt, Zali Nightingale, Abby Raisbeck, Kaitlyn Thrift, Lucy Wallace, Indya Watson, Caitlyn Wear

Year 5: Cordeylia Apps, Samuel Apps, Charli Bates, Angel Backhurts, Jake Botfield, Remmi Brown, Toby Cohen, Sophie Corlette, Jye Cullen, Cory East, Lillian Grainger, Jo Hamlin, Conner Hewitt, Gorgia-Rose Hodgson,

Lucie McPhee, Daniel Mead, Brodie Mills, Jarryd Moore, Lauren Neverov, Phoebe Raisbeck, Blake Scott

St James’ Primary School

Mother Maggie and MacKillop

Teachers: Laura Garland and Tania Thompson

Welder: Felicity Dunn

Weavers: Darci Anderson, Ethan Baker, Nate Binks, Ellie Brochtrup, Charlotte Bussell, Sophie Cooper, Olivia Daniels, Jimmy Dever, Jackson Edwards, Ella Fagan, Harmony Fagan, Daniela Finnan, Riley Finnan, Reanna Finneran, Grace Fordham, Haylee Geihe, Tylo Gitzel, Lily Godwell, Eva Hamilton, Molly Handsaker, Tamika Hartley, Kobi Haworth, Olivia Humphries, Eve Keir, Indie Lees, Logan McFawn, Jack Markham, Angela Mendoza, Flynn Miller, Alyssa Moss, Daniel Mulholland, Niall Mulholland, Heath Mullane, Violet Roach, Malakhai Saunders, Tushawn Saunders, Isabella Sellers, Rory Sharpe, Lillian Threadgate, Ruby Wagstaffe, Chanae Walker, Shakira Walker, Lily Whitehead, Eden Worth and Zayne Worth

Upper Hunter Youth Service

Cookie the Kookaburra

Workers: Adam Day, Dennis Givney, Janine London

Welder: Kyle Mulholland

Weavers: Jackson Parker, Destiny, Kirra-Lea Corney-Anderson, Tarryn Sheldon, Hayley Mercer, Stephen Dawson, Declan McCutcheon, Paige Matthews, Brianna Sales, Joanne Bignell, Tahlia Sales, Josh McCutcheon, Sienna Collinson, Maddi O’Leary, Brandon Mazzone, Dylan Graham, Colin Ghananburgh, Drewcilla Squires, Kitanya Eckermann, Trinity Collins, Jaylus Swann, Nashaela Ghananburgh, Mia Butler, Traih Butler, Lucy Dunn, Teagan Anderson, Holly O’Leary, Olivia O’Leary

Muswellbrook High School

Loveable everlasting “Cockies”: Larry, Lottie and Leon

Contact: Melisa Powell and Elizabeth Howard

Helper: Linda Dobel

Welder: Larry Van Vilet

Weavers: Collin Bellamy, Jaiden Dodd, Mikee Dolbe, Harrison O’Har, Jaylus Swan, Blade Gleeson, Tyson Ward,

Hudson Attenborough, Caleb Bolton, Tyson Ward, Tyrese Eckermann, Ben Jones, Matthew Jones, Tyler Powell, Jack Price, Angus Williams, Jayden Dolbel, Jidah Garland Boney, Bodhi Kelman, Calvin Morris Harmon, Anthony Van Vliet, Braeden Van Vliet, Raymond Squires, Braidyne Rumbel, Codie-Lane King, Akita Martyn, Kaylyn Ford-Hrbek, Monique Louis-McCabe, Bella McKenny-Buckley, Jovi Northey, Madison Griffiths, Storm Edwards, Kimberly Cooper, Rebecca Coster, Jorja McKee, Lequisha Yule, Dana Miller, Janarli Northey, Claudia Cain, Tenahya Dennis, Gabby Stevens, Tarnee Priestley, Chandon Kelman, Nikita O’Hara, Ashley Brazell, Zaahir Minch-Lang, Kayley O’Hara, Kiara O’Hara, Lasharni Ghananburgh, Mattison Roberts

Muswellbrook Public School

The Flying Fox

Teachers: Renee Coward, Louise Martin and Anna Smith

Welder: Warren Rankin

Weavers: Hollie L, Chloe F, Shinae G, Macey C, Nate P-G, Izayah N, Libby S, Lillian S, Jasmin F, Jasmine A, Aiden G, Hannah S, Nikeida G-S, Charli B, Cooper L, Ryan H, Brodie T, Lachlan B, Gesina B, Amaya P, Brayden W, Fletcher W, Aidan H, Jack P

Mindaribba Local Aboriginal Land Council 


Teacher: Cherie Johnson

Welder: Darrel Heard

Weavers: Wendy Chenery, Niomi Crawley, Siobhan Darby, Sinead Darby, Sue Darby, Christine Dever, Christina

George, Saffron George, Grace Griffiths, Liz Griffiths, Toni Heard, Sky Insley, Rhonda Lawler, Jasmine McDonald, Tamara McDonald, Barbara Meister, Narelle Miller, Joanne Nelson, Nunia Palu, Rachel Prestwich, Jorja Priest, Naomi Priest, Lizzy Ross, Nina Ross, Kath Russell, Cheyann Sinclair, Maddison Sinclair, Michelle Sinclair, Jaz Swinton, Julie Waugh