St Joseph's High School Aberdeen awards 2018 highest achievers at special ceremony

ONCE again, St Joseph’s High School Aberdeen has shown off its brightest outgoing students in a ceremony, which took place on Wednesday.

In front of a packed assembly hall full of aspiring award winners, the best of the 2018 cohort received kudos for their incredible efforts throughout their final year.

Some were unable to attend, having already relocated for university, however most of them were on hand to accept certificates and trophies for accomplishments such as the ROSA, Dux, 90+ ATAR and Distinguished Achievers List awards.

Several of the former students picked up multiple gongs, including 18-year-old Eleanor Tilse, who was thrilled with how the day went.

“It was really nice to finalise the fact that we’re finally done with school and all the HSC work and to be recognised after the results all came out,” she explained.

She also said it was a great feeling to be one standing on the stage for the presentation after watching others do it for the past six years.

“Definitely [it was relieving].

“It kind of made me excited and start to think about how we’re all about to embark on a new journey that isn’t as familiar as school is but it could take us anywhere,” the aspiring architect added.

Assistant director of schools for the Diocese of Maitland and Newcastle, Paul Greeves, said he was extremely impressed with the way the students carried themselves throughout the presentation and all of last year.

"The Music 1 class would be up there with the top classes in our whole system,” he told the Chronicle.

“And, for a school like Aberdeen, that's a wonderful effort.

“For a regional school to be getting the amount of awards they have, it’s a terrific achievement.”