Key Assets roll out Pathways to Stability program to find new foster carers

HELPING HAND: Key Assets are on the lookout for anybody in the region considering being a foster carer.
HELPING HAND: Key Assets are on the lookout for anybody in the region considering being a foster carer.

A NEW program run by Key Assets has been rolled out in the hope of generating new foster carers to help keep up with the increasing demand throughout NSW.

Dubbed 'Pathways to Stability', it provides training to participants and people within the Upper Hunter are being called on to step up and take the role on.

It is hoping to get as many children as possible out of alternative care placements and into a family setting, which can be done via permanent living arrangements with carers, eventual reunification with their birth family or preparing them for independence.

Key Assets NSW director, Jamie Hodgson, says children have much better life outcomes when they are supported in a family environment.

"Children and young people who cannot live at home deserve a secure, safe and stable family placement which is tailored to meet their needs and is dedicated to helping them reach their full potential," he said.

"Building consistent and trusting, resilient relationships really help children grow confidence, develop talents and become ambitious for their future."

He said foster care can help kids reconnect with their birth family, as well as give them improved access to health, community service and education.

Key Assets have highlighted people who are positive, dedicated, resilient, have lots of energy and also possess a genuine passion for improving the lives of young people as their ideal candidates.

The organisation doesn't shy away from the difficult aspects of the jobs, and are keen to make those interested aware that if they take on the position they will be working with some of the most traumatised children and need to understand trauma, emotional difficulties and attachment issues.

But they are more than confident the satisfaction of knowing the life of another has been improved as a result of those unselfish actions makes the process worth it.

Carers would receive a team of experts on hand 24/7, on-going training and reimbursement of $1,000 per child per week to help with the costs associated with caring.

Anyone interested in becoming a specialist foster carer can contact Key Assets on 1800 WE CARE or visit for more information.

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