Muswellbrook's annual Picnic in the Park another success in 2019

WITH the sun shining and birds tweeting, it was a truly wonderful day for the sixth annual Picnic in the Park in Muswellbrook on Wednesday.

Hundreds of children and families attended the event at Simpson Park, and a top-notch display was put on for them with games, performances the fan favourite petting zoo.

It also tied in with National Simultaneous Storytime, which was performed by radio duo 'Stolzy (Glenn Stolzenhein) and Damo (Damien Leith).

Alpacas with Maracas was recited across the country at 11am, to the delight of thousands of children.

Upper Hunter Family Support Service workers Kylee Mavin and Michelle Owen spoke amount the meaning and success of the day.

"As a whole, Upper Hunter Community Services (UHCS) put this on as a free event for families and the community to come together," Ms Owen said.

"We're overwhelmed with everyone who's come out today, the weather has been perfect and the crowd is tremendous," added Ms Mavin.

UHCS manager Mel Atkinson was extremely appreciative of her team and what they were able to accomplish throughout the event.

"I would like to thank and acknowledge our staff," she said.

"Picnic in the Park is such an amazing event every year.

"It's the result of hard work and commitment from the team."