Owner Greg Smith transforms Railway Hotel into a Muswellbrook 'landmark'

GREG Smith is certainly proud of the Railway Hotel.

So much so, the owner of the Muswellbrook "watering hole" has invested $350,000 to ensure it becomes a "landmark" in the Upper Hunter town - and on a global scale.

His three-year project, featuring a two-stand shearing shed and impressive train carriage, recently wrapped up with the latest addition, shearer's quarters, completing Mr Smith's vision.

"When I took over this premises, it wasn't in the best state, to be honest," he said.

"I wanted to implement a unique bar garden theme.

"And, it's now come to fruition.

"I want people to say 'wow' when they come here.

"We're even shearing sheep [here] to raise money for charities.

"I don't think they'll see a hotel like this anywhere in Australia.

"I've created this to make locals and visitors feel like they're walking into a 'man cave'," he added with a laugh.

The Railway Hotel also boasts its own "celebrity", of the canine variety, according to Mr Smith.

"Henry, my seven-year-old Blue Heeler, has become a world-wide phenomenon," he said.

"People want to see the dog who sits on the wine barrel.

"We've even had tourists here, who've heard about Henry in Switzerland of all places.

"He hops up on the barrel, gets photographed, and jumps back down."

Mr Smith admitted he was keen to "put something back into the community".

"I've been here 10 years at this venue," he said.

"I run it with my daughter Alix.

"But, I felt there was a need for a classy entertainment venue in Muswellbrook.

"We can section off areas of the hotel for functions and fundraisers.

"And, the shearer's quarters, which also include a stage, will provide entertainment from now until Christmas.

"Everyone's booked and locked in.

"We're also starting up with our big spit roasts over an open fire.

"We'll cook it all day; and carve it up at night.

"It's something very different for the area."