Horoscopes week beginning August 11

Horoscopes week beginning August 11

ARIES: Your mind is being shaped and moulded by significant external forces during early August to late September, with career interests playing a pivotal role in your considerations. Following delays since April 30, you are gearing up to further career and education plans. You can expect action on these matters following September 18.

TAURUS: September 18 brings an about-turn on financial issues that have been delayed since late April, particularly on such matters as taxation, loans, insurance, superannuation and inheritance. Legal aspects, travel plans, or educational matters are reliant on the underlying financial connection. Preparations for action are being made from here on.

GEMINI: There have been significant pressures placed upon you by other people in the form of responsibilities, with January 9-19 highlighting the issues set to unfold in the next two months. These pressures eased somewhat since late April, but from September 18 you'll need to deal directly with these matters, which may involve a financial aspect.

CANCER: With heavier work responsibilities being carried and weaknesses in your health being exposed, you have been feeling a little vulnerable of late. Issues that first arose January 9-19 will become more important during the next two months. Whilst there may have been some respite since late April, September 18 brings a reversal of these trends.

LEO: Children, romance, recreational interests, and work-related creativity are currently important to you, regardless of any associated problems. Late April brought conditions that slowed progress. However, during the next two months increasing pressure will see the reversal of these trends from September 18, particularly revitalising issues from January 9-19.

VIRGO: January 9-19 raised an interest in a family, domestic or property matter that required time to bring to fruition. Since late April these matters temporarily lost momentum and slipped down your list of priorities. During the next two months you will find that impediments will gradually fall away, regaining a more prominent role on your agenda mid-September.

LIBRA: Since late April, you may have had to put many of your plans on the back burner. The time since has been characterised by delays in the delivery of communications, increased travel times, and slow negotiations. From September 18, that all changes, allowing you to push ahead with your plans. Of particular importance are those from January 9-19.

SCORPIO: Late April brought many pressures to bear on matters of income and possessions: issues that you felt you were powerless to control. Whether looking for a job, fixing a car, or securing a better pay packet, efforts have been frustrated and marred by delays. However, all that changes from September 18. Between now and then, start prepping for action.

SAGITTARIUS: September 18 enables you to use your energies more effectively than you have done in the past few months, particularly when it comes to reshaping important facets of your life. Money and education are priorities during this time, with events over the coming two months highlighting those issues that were important to you January 9-19.

CAPRICORN: You may not have felt you could do anything about certain problematic issues in your life in the past two months. That may have been so but you will soon be in a better position to handle these matters, particularly from September 18. There is no shame in seeking assistance. Given the naturally slow maturation rate of these matters, start putting plans into action now.

AQUARIUS: With your sights set firmly on personal goals, Aquarius is well aware of potential flaws in their plans. During the next few months you need to revisit and review these issues if you want to take full advantage of opportunities that will emerge from September 18. Of particular importance are those goals that were emerging or of priority January 9-19.

PISCES: Your career interests or a chosen direction in life is shaping up nicely now, after years of hard work: goals are within reach. In particular, those matters of consideration January 9-19 that been delayed since late April are maturing and the time is ripe for action. Over the next two months start working towards these goals. Breakthroughs occur from September 18.

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