Aberdeen Public School's Rochelle Marshall shaves hair to raise charity funds

IT would take an incredible amount of courage and selflessness for a young girl to give up her hair, but luckily an inspiring 11-year-old from Aberdeen has those traits in spades.

Rochelle Marshall has raised more than $2700 for the Cancer Council in the past fortnight, and added to that figure on Friday as well as making a personal sacrifice.

Hairdresser and friend Janet West had the honour of cutting of the youngster's six plaits off, although even that was an event in itself.

Four of them were auctioned off with students and teachers at Aberdeen Public School getting in on the action, and fetching a combined fee of $753, which was heavily contributed to by principal Corallee Kerrigan, who launched a $350 bid.

Despite her young age, Rochelle revealed it's actually something she's been interested in doing for some time.

"About three years ago I wanted to do it but there has been complications, but about two weeks ago I decided to start fundraising for this particular charity," said the Year 6 student.

"I am very pleased with my decision, I know people are going to make awesome wigs out of it and people will feel comfortable walking around the place."

Tears were shed during the experience, but not my Rochelle, rather her mother Amy who attended to support her daughter with every snip of the scissors.

"I'm extremely proud, her strength is unbelievable and I couldn't be any prouder," she said.

As the clippers made their final few strokes along the pupil's head, the packed assembly let out a huge cheer in support of the truly exceptional effort.