Amy Lamprecht aims to run 480 kilometres in five days

Amy Lamprecht is aiming to run 480 kilometres in five days: from Dover to Devonport along the Tasmanian Trail.

But she isn't doing it alone. Her partner, John Claridge, will be travelling as support along with son, Reiss, 13, who will also hit parts of the trail on his bike.

She said it would be "family time" for the active trio.

"To be able to see an area like that, and take it all in and do it on foot - it's quite an experience," she said.

"It's an accomplishment, it's and experience, it's going to be scenic, it's going to be a great way to spend a few days."

If she achieves her five day goal, it will be the fastest anyone has ever run the trail.

She's hoping to get at least four hours sleep a night.

Amy Lamprecht.

Amy Lamprecht.