Muswellbrook couple Renae Berridge and Kurt Grelle delivering practical assistance to those suffering in the fires

Batur Haulage's Kurt Grelle and Renae Berridge
Batur Haulage's Kurt Grelle and Renae Berridge

RATHER than sit at home and wonder how to help firefighters and those who've lost everything, a Muswellbrook couple is jumping in their truck and delivering practical assistance.

Renae Berridge and Kurt Grelle, who run Batur Haulage, felt they had to do something for those who were suffering in the fires.

"I put a post up on Facebook, and it's just snowballed from there," Ms Berridge said.

"We were going to Kempsey and Taree to drop it off, but we still don't have a drop-off location because the fire is so unpredictable."

One load of donations left for Glen Innes on Tuesday morning this week, to relieve the burden on firefighters in the New England.

Miss Berridge delivered the load of food, water and other items on Monday night to Aberdeen RFS's David Kerr.

Businesses and groups in Scone and Aberdeen who have donated so far include Woolworths, Coles, Scone Food Village, Scone Discount Pharmacy, Pet Medical, Dartbrook Equine Centre, Scone Equine, Scone Junior Rugby League, Aberdeen Treasures, Aberdeen Pharmacy, Aberdeen Sport and Recreation Club, Metro Aberdeen and Aberdeen Vet and Pet Centre.

"My weekday job is in agriculture and, for the past three years, they've been in drought and suddenly they have fires as well," Ms Berridge said.

"It takes people to do something and we have a truck there, so if we have the means to do something, we need to do it.

"We want to keep the firies hydrated and fed."

In Singleton, Miss Berridge will be collecting at 35 Enterprise Crescent on Thursday, November 14, from noon-6pm and, those in Muswellbrook can donate at the skate part next to the showground on Friday, November 15, between 4pm and 7pm.

"We want people who've lost everything to have clothes on their backs," Ms Berridge said.

"A lot of people have donated toys and some of it's brand new stuff, so for the kids to have a Christmas present will be a help.

"We're trying to ease people's pain."

Rapid Spray Singleton has donated the fuel for the trip and the Rapid Relief team gave a tonne of water and muesli bars.

"The post has only been up on Facebook for a couple of days and the generosity that's already been shown is remarkable," Ms Berridge said.

"It's gotten really big really quick.

"I thought we'd have enough to do a run because I had no doubt people would donate.

"But, it's gotten to the point that I have kids coming up giving me their favourite toys and I've had people donate clothes and furniture."

The donations will be delivered this weekend in conjunction with The Salvation Army and those wanting to assist can visit Batur Haulage on Facebook for further details.