Santa Lolly Run excites children and families in Muswellbrook in 2019

CHILDREN and adults alike braved the heat to catch a glimpse of Santa and receive some much-desired sweets during the 2019 Muswellbrook Lolly Run.

On Tuesday afternoon, it was the east side of town's turn to watch the Fire and Rescue NSW 283 team, flanked by the jolly man from the North Pole, parade up and down the streets providing much excitement to the crowd.

It's the event's fourth year, and it was clear from the turnout that it's popularity is higher than ever.

There was plenty of laughter and smiling faces in Eastbrook Links, where the lolly run started on Tuesday, and word about the special guest's arrival had clearly spread around town quickly given there were children as far as the eye could see.

The firies will turn their attention to north Muswellbrook on Thursday, December 12, from 4.30pm.

Firefighters have had a busy time all across NSW in the past few months, so the fact they still make time to bring joy families in the region is a testament to their work rate.