Local Government NSW grant to assist Muswellbrook Shire residents and businesses living alongside flying foxes

MUSWELLBROOK Shire Council recently received a $4500 grant from Local Government NSW to help affected residents live harmoniously with bats.

The funding will be used to purchase car covers and washing line covers for motels, hotels, caravan parks and locals who are directly impacted by a flying fox camp.

Council will also have a gurney available, which residents can hire to remove bat faeces from their properties.

With Level 1 water restrictions in place, and the likelihood that council will soon move to Level 2, a temporary exemption for the use of a gurney will be put in place.

"When residents were surveyed about the flying foxes early last year, one of the main complaints was flying fox faeces ending up on cars, driveways and clean washing," sustainability officer Tracy Ward said.

"Council acknowledges that there are many other issues surrounding flying foxes living in close proximity to town.

"But, the issue of faeces was the number one concern for residents and businesses."

Priority will be given to those living closest to a flying fox camp, however any resident affected is encouraged to contact the Sustainability Unit on 6549 3700 to discuss their needs.

Residents are reminded that the grey-headed flying fox is listed as vulnerable and is a protected species in New South Wales.

Muswellbrook Shire Council's Camp Management Plan can be viewed on council's website.