Hypnotist Wayne Donnelly keen to put Aberdeen Sports and Recreation Club patrons under his spell

WAYNE Donnelly hadn't met Luella Wilks from the Aberdeen Sports and Recreation Club until recently.

But, that didn't stop the well-credentialed performer from putting her under his hypnotic spell, with her permission, and under the watchful eye of club manager Janine Katon.


It's preparation for his upcoming Girls Night Out Comedy Hypnosis Show.

When asked what it's all about, Donnelly was succinct in his reply.

"It is a combination of comedy hypnosis, male review and hen's night," he said.

"Definitely a night full of laughs and one to remember."

There won't be any clucking chickens or barking dogs, that's a cliche from the past.

What it will be is willing volunteers participating in a lot of fun and themed hypnosis routines.

"You might see your friends doing some crazy things, maybe hypnotised into thinking she is a sex therapist, another might think she's a Victoria's Secret model, another might believe she is Beyonce," Donnelly explained.

"One thing that the audience can rely on is that they won't be picked out at random to come on stage.

"Volunteers are exactly that - volunteers.

"We want to have women on stage who want to be there and are ready for the time of the lives."

As for Luella, what was her reaction to experiencing hypnosis?

"I got my arm stuck and I couldn't move it," she said.

"I couldn't remember my name when Wayne asked for it.

"It was really weird, but I felt comfortable all the time."

If you are curious about it all then you can see it for yourself.

The show will take place at the Aberdeen Sports and Recreation Club on Saturday, February 1.

Doors open from 7.30pm and the two-hour performance starts at 8pm.

Tickets are available on the club's Facebook page.