integratedliving's Community Wellness Day to showcase positive health benefits on offer for older residents at Muswellbrook

Muswellbrook Wellness Centre coordinator Laani Wright with sisters Margaret and Dorothy Dolahenty.
Muswellbrook Wellness Centre coordinator Laani Wright with sisters Margaret and Dorothy Dolahenty.

IN recognition of the NSW Seniors Festival, integratedliving is hosting a Community Wellness Day at Muswellbrook this week to showcase the positive health benefits on offer for older Australians who attend a Wellness Centre.

The Wellness Centres feature a state-of-the-art gym and a range of services, including the Wellness for Independence programs such as Memory Wellness and Digital Wellness.

These services help older people in regional, rural and remote areas live an active and independent life.

Across the eight Wellness Centres nationally, more than 700 clients enjoy the positive health outcomes and improvements in strength, balance and general wellbeing that they experience as a member.

In Muswellbrook, the Community Wellness Day - at the Boronia Building in Wilkinson Avenue on Friday, February 14 - will be a fun-filled event offering many onsite activities and demonstrations, as well as guest speakers and information about the range of support services integratedliving offers.

From 10.30am, thanks to the Aged Persons Welfare Foundation, 20 lucky locals will have the chance to win a six-week Wellness Introductory program, designed to improve strength and independence.

Muswellbrook Wellness Centre coordinator Laani Wright is hopeful many members of the community will come along to enjoy the festivities and see how the services could make a positive difference in their own life, or the life of a loved one.

"We'll be showing people how the gym equipment works and how we assess people's improvement over time," she said.

"Guests can take part in a stretch and flow demonstration and have a free health check.

"We also have some great guest speakers lined up.

"Our Wellness Centre provides a hub for older people where they can work with, and be supported by health professionals to really live a healthier and independent life in their own home.

"Our programs focus on improving strength, balance, fitness and general wellbeing, as well as falls prevention.

"It's a welcoming environment that allows people in our local community to establish social connections and new friendships."

Client Martin Shanahan has made wonderful progress since he started at the Wellness Centre by integratedliving in Muswellbrook.

He has strengthened his back and legs and now rarely uses a walking stick.

"I have grown in confidence and I'm getting out more," he said.

"The help I receive through the Wellness Gym has developed and improved both my physical and mental health.

"The staff working in the Wellness Gym are superbly qualified.

"More importantly, they are people of integrity.

"Always courteous, these specialists offer options to increase my challenges.

"Today I can achieve so much more than I could just six months ago.

"Access to this facility has been a godsend for me."

Research shows that in regional, rural and remote communities, 75 per cent of people aren't getting enough exercise and more than 50 per cent have one or more chronic illnesses.

"Our focus at integratedliving is to provide equitable access to health and wellbeing services to older Australians in rural, regional and remote areas and our Wellness Centre in Muswellbrook is helping achieve that," integratedliving's chief executive officer Catherine Daley said.

"Staying mobile and active plays an integral role in remaining independent and healthy as we age.

"Our Wellness Centres offer a place to participate in physical activities to improve physical and mental wellbeing, while also increasing social connectedness.

"We hope many within the local community come along to our Community Wellness Day to see how our Wellness Centres can make a difference to their health, wellbeing and independence."

For more information about the services offered at the Wellness Centre by integratedliving in Muswellbrook, phone the Customer Service Centre on 1300 782 896 or email