John's Day organisers 'totally overwhelmed' by response to fundraiser at Muswellbrook RSL Club

ONE of the organisers of John's Day was "totally overwhelmed" by the support for the fundraiser at the Muswellbrook RSL Club at the weekend.

Locals and visitors alike joined forces to participate in a couple of competitions on Saturday, barefoot bowls and pool, to amass $7051 for John Wells.

The Muswellbrook RSL Club employee - and beloved friend of many - is unwell with a terminal illness.

That's why a few of his mates stepped up to the plate.

"We just wanted to raise some money to pay for his medical bills and to make this time less stressful for him," Dave Nicholls said.

"It was a shock to all of us to find out he has a rare form of cancer.

"John's such a lovely bloke.

"We ended up with 10 teams for barefoot bowls; and 32 players for pool.

"So, it was a great result.

"And, to raise more than $7000 blew us all away.

"Everything flowed well on the night."

Mr Wells was also left speechless by the town's generosity, according to Mr Nicholls.

"Surprised is the word I'd use," he said.

"John couldn't believe how many businesses, and people, took part in the event.

"He didn't realise he had friends like that."

After appealing to the Muswellbrook and Aberdeen communities to donate a prize, in order for them to have a raffle on the day, Mr Nicholls admitted he was thrilled with the response.

"Most jumped on board straight away, however I'd like to thank all the businesses who supported the fundraiser," he said.

"There are too many to mention individually.

"But, we couldn't have staged the event without you.

"As well, I really appreciate the efforts of Daryl Egan and Katie Lennox (Muswellbrook RSL), Destri Thompson, Johnno, Ash, Andrew and Bruce, who helped out, too."