The eerie ghost towns of Australia in pictures

It's a grim collection of photographs. Our streets across towns and cities in Australia empty as residents listen to health advice and stay home during the coronavirus pandemic.

From Newcastle to Canberra, Warrnambool to Queensland and everywhere in between, the roads are eerily quiet and largely there isn't a person in sight.

The approach to Easter is typically among the busiest times for footfall as people prepare for a long weekend break from work.

But state and federal government have been reminding people to 'stay home, stay safe' and the advice is being heeded as Australians attempt to flatten the curve.

In Taree hopeful businesses show their wares on the kerbside and in Tamworth the local shopping mall is open but trade is more than slow.

While in Newcastle the picnic benches at Nobby's Beach have been cordoned off and there's not a car on the road in Derby Street.

In Bendigo the normally bustling pedestrianised zone is home only to the birds. In Wollongong a hopeful shop reminds customers that it is still open.

These images capture a moment in time like no other. Let's hope it is bit a distant memory by Easter 2021.

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