Community interest in St Nicholas Early Education Muswellbrook starting to peak

Pic: An artist's impression of St Nicholas Early Education Muswellbrook
Pic: An artist's impression of St Nicholas Early Education Muswellbrook

INTEREST in the town's latest learning facility is starting to peak within the community.

St Nicholas Early Education Muswellbrook, which will share its location with St James' Primary School on Skellatar Stock Route, is set to open its doors early next year.

It's understood the development will be a 104-place early education and care centre for children aged between 0 and five years.

"The Muswellbrook premises will feature a range of purposefully-designed indoor and outdoor spaces, all intended to excite and engage the youngsters' instinctive curiosities," general operations manager Kerri Armstrong said.

"Inside the centre, large open-plan rooms with huge windows will provide plenty of natural light to allow for a warm and inviting environment, supporting children's sense of welcome and belonging.

"Meanwhile, the outdoor spaces offer an expansive deck area, which wraps its way around the north and east sides of the centre.

"The deck also opens up onto further outdoor spaces with plenty of natural elements to allow children to experience, explore, examine, discover, take risks, derive meaning and solve problems."

Ms Armstrong said St Nicholas Early Education Muswellbrook would boast some unique elements, too.

"One of the most notable features of our centre is its co-location with St James' Primary School," she explained.

"This will allow parents of children attending both places a one-stop drop-off and pick-up.

"St Nicholas Early Education's Transition to School program will be a key part of this partnership as well.

"During their pre-school years, children in our care are given the opportunity to go on excursions to experience the school's canteen, library, kindergarten rooms - and even enjoy eating their lunch in the playground.

"This provides a chance for the pre-schoolers to see, hear, feel and experience what the primary school environment is all about prior to starting 'big school'.

"Our Transition to School program ensures that, by the time children are ready to transition to kindergarten, they have grown into confident and capable young learners and have a sense of belonging to the primary school surroundings."

For more information about St Nicholas Early Education Muswellbrook, email or phone 4979 1110.