Novak Djokovic's Australian Open tennis COVID-19 quarantine demands out of touch

Photo: File
Photo: File

At a time when many Australians can't see loved ones or have had their employment impacted by the pandemic, the grumbles of some precious overseas tennis players are particularly grating.

Many would consider the international tennis players damn lucky in the first place for being able to travel and ply their trade for big dollars in this COVID-19 environment.

Many Australians are rightfully wondering why we are importing tennis players here at all, some even with the coronavirus, for a tournament when some of us haven't been able to travel between suburbs without restrictions.

World No.1 Novak Djokovic, a man with less than an impeccable record when it comes to the coronavirus, sent a list of demands to organisers to ease the restrictions of isolating tennis players ahead of the Australian Open.

One of those demands was that players be moved out of hotel quarantine to private houses with tennis courts.

He also called for more training equipment and better food.

Sorry, what?

Naturally, organisers politely told Novak what he could do with his demands.

One of the reasons Australia is in such a good place compared to many other countries around the globe is the suffering and sacrifice our community has made during long periods of lockdowns and restrictions.

Many families have been unable to see each other and in many cases they have lost loved ones from afar without being able to attend funerals.

if you can't take 14 days of isolation before you get a chance to play in an international tournament, get on a plane and go home. Simple.

In the eyes of many Australians, the international tennis players are bloody lucky to be here in the first place.

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