Upper Hunter by-election candidates: Kate Fraser | Independent

Name: Kate Fraser

Political party: Independent

Residence: Scone

What background experience do you bring to the political table?

Having served 15 years on the then Scone Shire Council and 9 years as a Director of the Rural Lands Board I feel I am eminently suited to represent the Upper Hunter Electorate in State Parliament. My fathers' cousin Bill Cameron held this seat for many years and my father Alister McMullin was a federal Senator and President of the Senate.

I am an Independent and believe now is the time to vote differently, if we continue to vote as we always have there will be no change.

If elected I will be working with whoever is in government to make sure this electorate has basic infrastructure because without it we are not viable and we certainly will not attract new people and new business to the area to improve our economy. Basic Infrastructure in roads, health services, public transport and communication.

If we want to move ahead we need to start at the basics and develop our electorate to be what is should inviting and an attraction.

We are already the powerhouse of NSW but while we make the dollars we get very little in return.

I look forward to chatting with you about what you think is important to you and I hope you will place a 1 next to Kate Fraser on election day.

In your opinion, what are the most pressing issues facing this electorate?

Basic Infrastructure Roads, Health services, transport, and communication. Without these basic issues in place we can't improve our lives or encourage people or business to this electorate.

What is your plan for TAFE and future education opportunities?

Everything is entitled to an education at whatever level they choose.

If elected I would advocate to maintain our Tafes in regional towns to ensure those classes remain locally giving students the skills to gain employment locally.

What are your plans to bring more jobs to the Upper Hunter?

Again improve basic infrastructure if we have quality infrastructure fast internet, good mobile coverage, it will attract business and industry.

People want to get out of the cities but not if they don't have good health services and can't access education for their families

How would you address the rural and regional health crisis and staffing issues facing our health services?

Bringing our hospitals and other health services to an acceptable standard, providing a range of facilities to attract specialists. Promoting lifestyle, education and room for a pony.

How do you plan to address the Upper Hunter's poor track record on air quality?

Air quality needs to have better monitoring. I believe we need to start fining these responsible businesses with hefty fines.

Why should Upper Hunter vote for you?

This electorate deserves so much better than what we have had. I am a true independent and I will listen to this community and work with who is in government to get the best outcome for this electorate.

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