Best videos from around Australia for September 10, 2021

WHAT'S MAKING NEWS: Platypus, dogtors and dinos in the main street.
WHAT'S MAKING NEWS: Platypus, dogtors and dinos in the main street.

It's been a big week of news, and not all of it has been easy to digest.

We can hardly fathom that it's now been 20 years since the devastating September 11 attacks. Just as hard to watch has been the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan now that allied forces have been removed.

We, in the video team, want to balance the wall-to-wall devastation with some brevity.

These were the few moments that made us smile this week:

Is there a dogtor in the house?

Meet Gilbert the furry four-year-old labrador and newest medical consultant at Launceston General Hospital.

The retired guide dog has just been brought onto staff to help in the hospital's emergency room.

Since he arrived, there has been a dramatic drop in stress levels for both patients and hospital staff.

He's definitely a good, good boy.

Spot the dinosaur

During the lockdown, residents of Cowra in the NSW Central West began spotting an unusual visitor to their town.

Popping up in supermarkets, suburban streets, and down at their local pharmacy was a big red dino. Known only as 'Tee Rex', the dino was soon joined by a slightly smaller blue dino, known as 'Baby Rex'.

The pair have been sighted sparring on the main road and walking casually like old chums down the empty lockdown streets.

It's promoted an impromptu game of 'spot the dino' across social media.

Back to the wild

Platypus have not been seen in Sydney's Royal National Park for more than half a century. Until now.

The team at Taronga Conservation Society have joined forces with UNSW, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and NSW National Parks to release breeding pairs of the iconic Australian animal.

It's hoped the 10 freshly released adults will be able to reboot the once-thriving platypus population in Sydney's national park.

That's news that can only make you happy, right?

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