Coronavirus Update: Sunday, November 14

Coronavirus testing. Photo: NONI HYETT.
Coronavirus testing. Photo: NONI HYETT.

Less than 200 cases of Coronavirus were acquired in NSW in the 24-hours leading up to 8pm on Saturday night.

NSW Health recorded 195 locally acquired cases and one interstate acquired cases.

In the hospital

One death was recorded in the same time period. There are currently 224 people in hospital and 32 people in Intensive Care.


There were 57,878 tests conducted. This has been trending downwards this week. Over 1000 less tests than Saturday and significantly less than Friday's total of 77,119.


Almost 95 per cent (94.2) of the NSW population over 16 have had one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 91 per cent of the eligible population have had two doses.

NSW Health have now turned their focus to booster shots for the vaccine. Dr Jeremy McAnulty told media on Friday, anyone over 18 who had their second COVID-19 vaccination over six months ago should seek a booster shot. He also reminded people early testing is vital if you start displaying symptoms.

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