Muswellbrook mum talks about raising triplets during Australian Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2017

SUPER MUM: Kylie Lawson with daughter Ranelle, 2, and triplets George, Henry and Laura, 12 months.
SUPER MUM: Kylie Lawson with daughter Ranelle, 2, and triplets George, Henry and Laura, 12 months.

KYLIE Lawson was shocked to hear she was pregnant with triplets.

The expectant mother went for a check up at eight weeks and found out her daughter Ranelle, a baby at the time, had three siblings on their way.

While the joy of bringing three newborns home from the hospital was multiplied, so were the challenges.

Mrs Lawson said she initially had to keep up with feeding – every three hours, day and night.

This week, March 12 to 19, is Australian Multiple Birth Awareness Week.

The annual event aims to raise the profile of what it is like raising children from multiple births.

Mrs Lawson said it was still difficult to take Henry, George and Laura out of the house grocery shopping, or to play group.

However, the Muswellbrook woman is grateful for all the support she has received; from family, Upper Hunter Community Health, and, sometimes strangers.

When shopping, she often has people ask if they can help take her groceries to the car while she pushes the pram.

“So many people have just offered to come up and help, including the staff at Coles,” she said.

“[It is great] when someone offers to help push the groceries.”

Mrs Lawson said she wasn’t the only one who would appreciate a helping hand, adding people with a single pram could still struggle while shopping.

Mrs Lawson said it was great being able to see the triplets all grow at their own pace.

“They’re all the same age but you can watch them develop at the same time,” she said.

“They interact with each other, especially now.

“They all have very different personalities.”

Mrs Lawson’s advice to other parents of twins or triplets would be to take each day as it comes.

“Everyday is a new day,” she said.

“Some days are long, other days just fly by.

“Their big sister absolutely loves them and, being only 14 months older, she didn’t really know any different.

“She loves playing with them, and is starting to help mum.”

Upper Hunter Community Health have been doing in-home clinics for Mrs Lawson.

There are also groups in the area that exist to support parents of twins and triplets, including the Hunter Valley Multiple Birth Association.

The Hunter Valley Multiple Birth Association is a voluntary non-profit organisation supporting families with twins, triplets, and more.

The group will host a free barbecue, with a jumping castle and children’s entertainment, on Sunday, March 19, at Glendonbrook.

For more information, or to register, contact Jenny on 0417 658 033.