Shear Indulgence Muswellbrook's hairdresser working with Sharron Blain in New York

PASSIONATE: Shear Indulgence owner Kerri Arvidson.
PASSIONATE: Shear Indulgence owner Kerri Arvidson.

LEARNING more about her trade is a passion for Kerri Arvidson.

So, it is no surprise that during her recent trip to New York, the hairdresser was soaking up all the tips and tricks she could get.

During her time at the Big Apple, the Shear Indulgence Muswellbrook owner worked on photo shoots and runway shows with two renowned artists – Sharron Blain and Peter Gray.

Mrs Arvidson said her salon had done a fair bit of work with Blain in the past.

“She’s an Australian hairdresser, but she’s one of the global phenomenons,” she said.

“The more work we do with her, the more she invites us to come work.”

Earlier this year, Mrs Arvidson travelled to the United States.

And, when the opportunity arose again, she jumped at the chance.

“You learn so much it’s insane,” she said.

“She offered me the opportunity to work on her prep teams, and work on the fashion shows.

“It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a hairdresser, you still need to educate yourself.

“Sometimes in the country areas you don’t get a lot of opportunity to do things.

“So, you’ve just got to say ‘yes’.”

One of Mrs Arvidson’s favourite aspects of events like the New York shoots and shows is being behind the scenes.

“I enjoy the hype,” she said.

“I enjoy how fast-paced it is and how much is expected of you, working with people you’ve never worked with before.

“You’re constantly learning.

“There was a real league of nations there.

“So, you get to learn from people from all over the country – they’re leaning from you, you’re learning from them - I love it.”

After 25 years in the business, Mrs Arvidson said she loved her trade more than ever.

“I am obsessive about hairdressing,” she said.

“I’m a hairdresser first.

“I don’t understand how other people don't want to be in our industry or how those in our industry don’t want to continue to educate and push themselves.

“You get to work with these massive names if you’re lucky enough to be invited onto their teams, and you’re just blown away 24/7 about what they can do and what skills they can show you.

“Every country has their own techniques all over the world and so you just pick up one little thing from everybody that you’re working with and you just come home completely inspired and on a high.

“I think if you stay inspired, then you enjoy turning up to work every day.

“You can’t wait to come in and share with your clients what you’ve learned and what you’ve done.

“Instead of just doing the same-old, day-in-day-out, we’re lucky enough to be in an industry that is always changing – it’s so fast paced.

“We’re one of the few industries where our work is on show permanently.

“We create something, and everyone looks at that for six weeks.

“So you always want to be on top of your game; you always want to be learning from someone else regardless of how long you’ve been hairdressing.

“The minute you think you know everything, you may as well retire, because you’re never going to know everything in hairdressing.

“We know that we’re truly blessed.

“We know here that we’re lucky enough to be invited onto these teams.

“I’m living the dream.”


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