AGL Macquarie workers get their hands dirty at ‘The Common’

BUSINESS Clean Up Australia Day saw a team of 20 workers from AGL Macquarie spend the time cleaning up illegally-dumped rubbish from “The Common” in Muswellbrook. 

The Wanaruah Local Aboriginal Land Council and Muswellbrook Shire Council were both appreciative of the efforts from the employees, who removed more than seven tonnes of trash from the site.

“The Common”, as it is referred to locally, is a hotspot for illegal dumping.  

And, the Wanaruah Local Aboriginal Land Council, with the support of council, is pursuing various ways to stop this illegal and destructive behaviour. 

AGL Macquarie staff, from both Liddell and Bayswater power stations, were keen to help make a difference at the site and provided apprentices, staff and other resources for the clean-up.

“It is heartening to know there are still good, caring people in our community,” a spokesperson from the Wanaruah Local Aboriginal Land Council said.

“It’s disappointing to have to go to such lengths to restrict access to one of the few large open areas close to town.

“We know people need areas to walk and play in but it is the few who have no respect or care for the health and welfare of others or the environment that ruin it for everyone else.”

AGL Macquarie general manager Kate Coates said volunteering was an important way AGL could help local communities. 

“All our staff have the opportunity to use a Volunteer Day every year to help a local organisation or cause they identify with,” she explained.

“When we put out the call for volunteers to help clean up ‘The Common’, we were flooded with interest, it was great. 

“I’m really pleased that some of our people could help.”

Council’s sustainability officer Mick Brady said there had been a number of significant illegal and destructive waste dumping events on the site.

“We will continue to prosecute people who illegally dump waste,” he added.