Constables count up 50 years of marriage in Muswellbrook

LIFE OF LOVE: Lavinia and Peter Constable are celebrating 50 years since their wedding.
LIFE OF LOVE: Lavinia and Peter Constable are celebrating 50 years since their wedding.

LAVINIA and Peter Constable have reached an incredible feat, last Friday celebrating 50 years of marriage.

Having met in Muswellbrook and lived there the entire time, they are one of the town's great love stories.

Despite being 70 years of age, Peter has no issues with his memory and can still recall the first time he saw his to-be life partner.

"I just saw this young girl walking along the street with her nice socks and short skirt and though she looked like the type for me, so I pulled over and had a chat."

It's not the first 50th anniversary this year for Peter, who brought up the same milestone at Hunter Valley Operations in June.

Lavinia is retired but still keeps busy with the house and hobbies.

They both said it was hard to believe it had been so long, because the time had seemingly passed quite quickly.

Picking a highlight was extremely difficult for the couple, but eventually they said overseas trips to Europe and Asia ranked atop their finest moments - aside from the birth of their children of course.

They have three kids - Peter Jr, 46, David, 44 and Lavinia Alice, 41 along with five grandchildren.

There were obstacles in their way when they first met, with Lavinia being just 18 and her mother adamant she wouldn't get married until 21.

However, once Peter proposed, which was on his partner's birthday, everybody accepted it was going to happen and their wedding was held 10 months later.

Lavinia shared her secret for staying happily married for so long, revealing they talk about their day and any issues they have in bed, without fail, every night so everything is always out in the open.