Muswellbrook Shire Council reminding residents to dispose of problem waste items properly during National Recycling Week

NATIONAL Recycling Week, from November 11 to 17, is a great time to remind residents how to dispose of household problem waste items such as batteries, gas bottles and paints.

Problem waste cannot be put into any garbage in the three-bin system but should be taken to the Community Recycling Centre (CRC) at the Muswellbrook Waste and Recycling Facility.

It accepts numerous objects for free, such as:

* Water-based paint

* Oil-based paint

* Used motor oils

* Used cooking oils

* Lead-acid batteries

* Hand-held batteries

* Gas cylinders

* Fire extinguishers

* Fluorescent lamps and tubes

* Smoke detectors

* Electronic waste and mobile phones

* Aerosol cans

Convenient mini-CRC kiosks located at the Muswellbrook and Denman libraries accept household batteries, mobile phones, ink cartridges and smoke detectors.

"Household problem wastes are 'problems' because their chemical content poses hazards to health and the environment if they are not disposed in the right way," Muswellbrook Shire Council's sustainability officer Mike Brady said.

"Frequent problem waste items are batteries.

"They are used in laptops, cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, power tools and more.

"The high-powered batteries when punctured can spark and even explode, produce toxic smoke and are particularly difficult to extinguish.

"Unfortunately, such a fire began in the landfill face at the Muswellbrook Waste Facility on October 18 due to items, which were disposed of in household rubbish.

"This incident highlights why it is so critical to take problem waste items to council's CRC or kiosks for free drop off into the signposted receptacles, so that you can be assured they will be managed correctly and sent for safe disposal or recycling."

During National Recycling Week bring in your separated household problem wastes to the Muswellbrook CRC and receive credit to use in the Reuse Shop.

For more information, visit council's website at and follow the link to the CRC.