Fire and Rescue NSW acknowledges Bengalla Mining Company's support to Aberdeen brigade during tough firefighting season

WHEN the chips are down, Aussies always go above and beyond to assist those in trouble.

And, that's never been so evident as in recent weeks, with bushfires wreaking havoc throughout the state.

Many firefighters from the Upper Hunter - both Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) and NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) personnel - have joined colleagues to battle intense blazes on the Mid-North Coast, Northern Tablelands and Northern Rivers.

Even a small station like Aberdeen FRNSW is playing its part, too.

Six of the crew - Captain Derek Wicks, Ryan King, Shane Hasselmann, Kristy Orlowsky, Jack Ducker and Matt Thompson - have either lent a hand already or about to do so.

Ironically, all of them, are employed full-time by Bengalla.

So, the gesture by the mining company to allow the group to attend their "second jobs" was recently acknowledged, not only by Captain Wicks, but also FRNSW Zone Commander Superintendent Brett Jackson and Duty Commander Inspector Michael Johnstone.

"It's just something simple," the Aberdeen leader said.

"But, we wanted to recognise Bengalla's goodwill - on behalf of FRNSW - for allowing its employees to leave normal work duties to help fight bushfires up north.

"I'm sure it would be rare for one employer to do that.

"It's a huge obligation.

"However, it highlights the company's commitment to the community.

"In fact, we boast eight Bengalla workers here at the station.

"So, we're grateful for their understanding."

Superintendent Jackson also praised the mining giant, who recently donated a palette of bottled water to the neighbouring Edinglassie RFS.

"We really appreciate Bengalla's support," he said.

"Their selfless act allows FRNSW to get more trucks on the road when it counts.

"And, our men and women return home with a few extra skills."

Bengalla CHPP manager Russell Hartin admitted the company was proud of its employees.

"We have a big footprint in the community," he said.

"If we can assist in any way, we're happy to.

"We're honoured by the important roles they're playing."