St James' Primary School principal Aaron Moon greets Muswellbrook students a 'little differently' to make them feel at ease

IN a world full of anxiety and doubt at the moment, one Muswellbrook principal is going "above and beyond" to alleviate the nervousness of his students.

With numerous measures now in place throughout the state to combat the threat of coronavirus (COVID-19), Aaron Moon welcomed his pupils - and some stunned adults - a little differently on Monday, March 23.

In full dress-up, complete with Elton John-type glasses, he greeted them with a song, and a dance, as they arrived at St James' Primary School.

Mr Moon not only performed such classics as The Hokey Pokey, YMCA and Chicken Dance, to name a few, he also belted out The Gambler in a tribute to Kenny Rogers, who died at the weekend.

"There is so much uncertainty around - and it's understandable the children are nervous," he said.

"That's why I did it, to lighten the mood.

"Parents aren't allowed in the school ground for the time being, so it was just drop-offs this morning.

"So, we introduced Fun Day Monday [today].

"I wanted to make the children feel at ease and safe at school.

"While education is extremely important, having fun and a laugh is too.

"I hope it did the trick."