Caroline Buchanan stars in worldwide Oakley campaign

Canberra BMX superstar Caroline Buchanan. Picture: Con Chronis
Canberra BMX superstar Caroline Buchanan. Picture: Con Chronis

Canberra BMX champion Caroline Buchanan has joined athletes around the world in a stirring Oakley campaign celebrating the joy of sport.

Surfer Italo Ferreira, basketballer Diamond DeShields, skateboarder Ryan Sheckler and paralympian Oksana Masters are also in the remake of Bob Marley's classic One Love.

The athletes were involved before they were told anything about which song would be used. The Oakley remake is part of a yearlong celebration of what would be Marley's 75th birthday in 2020.

British-Jamaican singer Celeste features on the song, as well as Cedella, Skip and Bob's son Ziggy Marley, while the athletes talk about the love for their sport.

The video was released this week and Caroline found out about the details in a very cool way.

Caroline Buchanan hasn't given up on her dream of competing in another Olympics. Picture: Supplied

Caroline Buchanan hasn't given up on her dream of competing in another Olympics. Picture: Supplied

"None of the artists knew who the artist was. I got asked to be part of it eight months ago and we filmed it about six months ago," she said.

"They wanted to make the artist a big reveal. [Tuesday] morning was actually pretty crazy. I woke up to a notification on my phone from Rolling Stone saying 'You've been featured in this Bob Marley remake'. And I was like, 'No way'!"

Caroline was honoured to be involved, saying she believed she represented resilience and the never-giving-up aspect of sport in the campaign.

The video even features her x-rays from when she was badly injured in an off-road buggy accident in 2017, hinting at the rebuilding she has had to do since then.

"It was powerful to have Oakley athletes from all over the world tell our journey through sport and, for me, it was more about the injuries and the setbacks and the dance between risk and reward," she said.

"It's obviously what you sign up to, so my part in the song and journey was told through that. It was definitely a powerful piece and, yeah, super-proud to launch it [on Tuesday] to go global at a time like this."

She also believed the One Love song, with its call for unity, was a beacon of positivity during some dark times for the world.

"I think that universal love of sport really shone through," she said.

Now living on a farm at Tharwa and enjoying her first winter in Canberra in 10 years, Caroline remained focused, despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the cancellation of events overseas.

"I'm continuing to train hoping the Olympics is still going to be on this time next year and also training for mountain biking as well, just progressing my skills, staying sharp," she said.

"I think, with athletes, most of the time we train in solidarity and I've personally found champions are formed when the stadiums are empty, and at the moment the grandstands are empty. So, you just keep continuing with that same motion and preparation, it's just more of a longer off-season than normal."

And she is taking advantage of being back home in Canberra in winter for the first time in a decade.

"Just having relaxing, open fires and things like that but, more importantly, seeing my family. I've spent more time with my family and my niece than I have in the last 10 years," she said.

Caroline said she was pleased to see her sport explode, even down to kids making their own bike jumps and tracks in neighbourhood parks and reserves.

"I think the sport is expanding more than ever and the industry. Some industries are struggling but mountain biking and BMX and those other outdoor activities are going really well," she said.

"I've probably seen more people out riding in Stromlo Forest Park and Majura and all these difference places than you would on a normal day."

And she has found her own little place in which to relax.

"Living at Tharwa, Tuggeranong is obviously the closest and now that they've got a cute cafe on the water, that's relatively new, Two Before Ten, that's the local catch-up with everyone, that's sort of been the spot lately," she said.

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