Add Blockbuster Airbnb and Thredbo Supertrail to your bucket list

Trip down memory lane at world's last remaining Blockbuster store. Picture: Supplied
Trip down memory lane at world's last remaining Blockbuster store. Picture: Supplied

Nostalgic movie magic

Schools out. It's Friday night. Mum and Dad have finally allowed you to have three friends sleep over and you have set up in the lounge room. Arguments over which movie to watch have been interrupted by the sounds of popping corn and the familiar psst as the lemonade is opened

This is the scene set by Sandi Harding, manager of the last Blockbuster store on the planet now turned Airbnb. It's the perfect setting to curl up with a movie and relive '90s memories of the ultimate sleepover.

Unfortunately, the experience is only for locals of the store in Bend, Oregon. Airbnb periodically promotes novelty rentals and the world's last Blockbuster is only available for three one-night stays in September.

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Thredbo flare run

Watch the Thredbo Supertrail come alive like flowing lava as a team of expert skiers and snowboarders wind their way down the mountain with red flares alight. The family-friendly event takes place at dusk every Saturday night until early October.

The flare run is strictly left to the professionals but can be best viewed from the restaurants and bars of Thredbo Village. A firework show follows the flare run, lighting up the mountain range and shimmering across the night sky.

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Google Travel tackles COVID

Google Travel has been revamped to help keep your holidays COVID-safe and plan your trip with ease. The new features offer additional information on the percentage of hotels with availability and of regular flights currently operating.

Google also now links to government-issued travel advice and up-to-date data on active and recovered COVID cases for destinations. You can also filter hotel rental searches by those that offer flexible cancellations - just one less worry.

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The new scavenger hunt

Spend a few hours rediscovering your city through more inquisitive eyes. Urban Hunt offers interactive, self-guided scavenger hunts. Head into Sydney's Botanic "Jungle", travel back in time to explore the Rocks, Uncover Melbourne, get snap happy on the Picture Perth-fect trail or adventure online.

The trails are self-guided via Facebook Messenger, but there is still the oh so important element of competition. You can organise a multi-team hunt or play solo and have your score and time recorded on an online leaderboard. Think carefully about whether you want to play smart or fast.

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Down the rabbit-hole

Step into Alice's shoes and straight into Wonderland, a kaleidoscopic display of the Mad Hatter's world. The boozy garden tea party takes place inside the new Wonderland Bar at Potts Point, Sydney, with tickets selling for less than $50.

You can expect all the usual tea party favourites of finger sandwiches and sweets to be paired with bespoke cocktails - served in a teapot, of course. During the immersive experience, you can solve riddles, paint roses and play croquet with a flamingo.

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