4 Gift ideas for home improvement enthusiasts

4 Gift ideas for home improvement enthusiasts

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Giving presents is a perfect and traditional way to express a kind gesture and appreciation to your dear ones. While it can be easy to purchase an item at the store and give it to your family, you'd also want to be thoughtful with your gift.

This way, your receiver may be able to feel special as you've taken the time to buy an item that strongly resonates with their interests.

Perfect gifts for the DIY enthusiast in your life

While gift shopping can be an enjoyable activity for some, others seem to find it quite tricky. With all the various gift options available, the task can become overwhelming, particularly if you're shopping for practical people on your list.

Gladly, there's almost always something for everyone. If you're shopping for someone who occasionally loves to spruce up the look of their space, get them something that'll help them make their work lighter and more enjoyable.

To show you, below are gift ideas for the home improvement enthusiast in your life.

1. Artsy home pieces

There are various types of artsy pieces that can transform the look and vibe of any space. From abstract art, gallery walls, mini sculptures, statement pieces, to walled art, there's almost always something that can fit into your budget and your receiver's preferences.

If you're gifting someone who's moving away from home, you can gift them with a framed art piece to decorate their living area and make it cosier. It's also an easy and affordable way to breathe life into any blank wall.

On the other hand, you can also gift your loved one a bright impressionistic print to add a pop of colour to their space. You can choose from whimsical pastels to monochromatic paintings to create contrast to a nook in their apartment.

However beware, you and your receiver might have different artistic tastes. Hence, it would be best to speak to their close family members and take a close look at similar pieces in their home. This way, you can have an idea on what to look for as you shop, as well as what types of items are already present in their home.

2. Personalised storage solutions

If your recipient likes to enhance their space by tidying up, this practical gift idea will surely match their needs. This is especially true if they have toddlers who constantly mess around with their toys.

The same is true for friends who are renting a tiny apartment. Help them improve the look of their space by gifting personalised organising boxes and baskets.

To make it less generic, you can have it in a colour that matches their home's colour palette. This way, these storage solutions will look cohesive to their entire interior design. You can even choose storage items that already have artistic labels on them.

Another way to personalise your gift is to make sure that the item fits well to a certain area of the house. For instance, if you're giving a friend a set of pantry organising items, jars, and turntable trays, make sure that these can be arranged and maximised inside their storage shelves.

3. Candle making kit

Apart from lighting up any dark corner, candles can also be a fantastic way to transform the ambience and smell of any home.

If you're gifting a busy friend, opt for fragrant candle making kits. This can be the perfect DIY activity that you can both bond over. You can create candles for their bedside table, office, kitchen, and even in their bathrooms. They'll surely appreciate the thoughtful gift and time that you've shared with them.

Moreover, this can be the perfect gift for a sibling who's about to live abroad. Instead of spending money on more candles, you can make your own candles together before they officially leave home. This is economical, especially if they only have a small budget to jazz up their new space.

Additionally, the wax and smell of the burning candles can potentially reduce their homesickness, especially if they're going to be away for the holidays.

4. Indoor plants

Plants are the go-to gifts to enhance the look of your loved one's home. They can even be a decorative element and accent piece to any monochromatic area.

Apart from their general aesthetic value, the soothing presence of houseplants can influence the mental well-being of your loved ones. Research shows that plants can ease stress, anxiety, and even serve as a self-care reminder.

Considering this, opt for plants that suit the needs and lifestyle habits of your receiver. For instance, low-maintenance, indoor plants are excellent for loved ones who have rigorous work routines, yet still want to maintain the beauty of their space.

The bottom line

Shopping for a home improvement enthusiast can be quite tricky. However, by knowing their aesthetic preferences and identifying their needs, you can have an idea on the types of gifts that they'll surely appreciate.

With a mental list, you'll certainly be able to save time from wandering from one shop to the other.