The Lions Australian Grocery Grab run by the Muswellbrook Lionesses has a winner for 2018

YOU have 180 seconds to grab one of everything in the supermarket – what do you go for first?

That was the question for Fenny Thompson at Coles this week after winning the Lions Australian Grocery Grab at Muswellbrook Coles.

Mrs Thompson said she had only bought tickets to support the local Lioness Club and didn’t expect to win.

During her three minutes, she picked up various items including laundry powder and related products.  

“It was good fun, I walked fast, I didn’t run,” Mrs Thompson said.

“It’s not much time, just enough time to grab a few things, but the little things help a lot.

“I’d like to thanks the Lions club and Coles, it’s fantastic really.”

The grocery grab is an annual fundraiser by the Lionesses of Muswellbrook where everyone gets a win – the raffle winner has $300 worth of free goods, the Lioness make money for a local charity and half the funds are also donated to the Fight Cancer Foundation, formerly the Bone Marrow Donor Institute, specifically for the Lions Cord Blood Foundation.

Before you go dreaming about swiping all the chocolate off one shelf, there are grocery grab rules – no meats, health and beauty, toys, tobacco, alcohol, electrical products or clothing and only one item of each product type.

Coles support manager Tarrack Dow congratulated the Lionesses on their fundraising work.

“It’s a really good initiative between the Lionesses and the community,” Mr Dow said.

In 2017, grocery grab winner Betty Erickson filled her trolley watched by Lionesses and the Muswellbrook Coles store manager Phil Winkler, see here for a video