Children from Goodstart Early Learning Muswellbrook to unveil new exhibit, Saplings: The Trees Around Us, at Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre

GOODSTART Early Learning Muswellbrook might have just unveiled the next Jackson Pollock or Ken Done.

Littlies from the child care centre will launch their latest works, Saplings: The Trees Around Us, at the Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre (MRAC) this weekend.

It opens - along with Hymns To A Passion (Gabrielle Jones), Odyssey (8 Artists) and Australian Art 1960s (Max Watters Collection) - at the gallery on Saturday, August 31, from 6pm.

"This is the third exhibit we've had with Goodstart," acting arts centre director Elissa Emerson said as the children converged on the MRAC for a sneak peek on Wednesday.

"And, they usually try and tie theirs into our other exhibitions.

"On this occasion, it is about the trees around them.

"It's great to see the kids involved in art.

"We really encourage that."

Goodstart's early childhood teacher Tiana Snowdon said the youngsters were excited to be involved in the process.

"After we had received an invitation for our very own exhibition, we began discussing what theme we could have for our display," she explained.

"There were many suggestions such as buildings, flowers, people, birds and trees.

"Together, as a class, we decided that because birds nest in trees and they can have flowers, trees would be a great focus for us.

"We started our project discussing all the different parts of a tree such as the roots, the bark, the trunk, the branches and the leaves.

"The children identified that not all leaves looked the same and this was due to different species.

"Looking at images of trees, the children were able to name a few - mostly fruit trees.

"As we continued our investigation, Mick, Tracey and Gean from Muswellbrook Shire Council came to our centre on National Tree Day to speak to us about the importance of trees and how we care for them.

"Mick drew some pictures for us and showed the different sizes of trees.

"He even brought in some branches where we looked at the different leaves and identified some species."

While celebrating tree day, the children went for a walk to the Karoola Dog Park to explore the trees that they were lucky enough to plant last year.

"We discovered many different species and took photographs to bring back to our centre and discuss with friends who couldn't attend our excursion," Ms Snowdon said.

"We printed these photos and made a book from them for us to refer to when we were completing our artworks.

"During all our excursions the kids were on the lookout for all the different kinds of trees we could see.

"Each child also added their own unique aspect into their painting, including 'a tree that was melting in lava', 'a tree with some flowers growing in spring', 'leaves that have seeds on them', 'old trees with no leaves' and even some 'trees in the rain'.

"We have had a great time doing our investigation and exploring all the different trees in our environment."